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360 Photo Booth in OC

Offer Valid: 03/20/2024 - 03/13/2026

THE ULTIMATE 360 PHOTO BOOTH EXPIRENCE is the exclusive brand for for 360 photo booth rentals nationwide. The 360 Booth offers a dynamic, 4k video adventure that places you right at the heart of excitement.


  • Spinner Platform: A revolving camera for dynamic video capture.
  • HD Camera: High-definition clarity for every frame.
  • Dedicated Attendant: On-hand assistance for smooth operation and sharing.
  • Studio-Quality Lighting: Perfect illumination for professional-grade videos.
  • Custom Logos or Overlays: Personalize your event’s videos with branded touches.
  • Instant Social Sharing: Effortless, real-time sharing options.
  • Tailored Music: Set the tone with custom music selections.
  • Online Video Gallery: An accessible collection of all event videos.

With its vast array of built-in features and the power of AI-driven greenscreen technology, your 360 booth becomes a boundless canvas for your imagination., a cornerstone of photo booth rentals in Orange County, CA, is delighted to announce an offer that's as dazzling as it is rare. Ready your events to sparkle with memories and savings alike!

For a limited span, Orange County's event planners and party-goers can enjoy a $150 discount on our 4-hour 360 Photo Booth rentals. That's correct—a premium celebration experience is now within easier reach.

Previously $1,295, Now Only $1,145! Delve into the depth of our 4-hour 360 Photo Booth Rental Package, featuring:

  • Cutting-edge 360 photo booth apparatus for capturing every smile, laugh, and dance move in crystal-clear video.
  • Vivid, high-definition video output that brings each moment to life with startling clarity.
  • An assortment of lively props to engage and entertain your guests.
  • Selections from our premier backdrop collection, setting the perfect scene.
  • Immediate video sharing for that instant buzz on social media.
  • A friendly and experienced booth attendant to ensure everything runs seamlessly.

Choosing in Orange County means opting for an experience that transcends the ordinary. Besides a significant $150 discount, you're selecting a provider known for transforming events into unforgettable occasions.

As Orange County's preferred provider for photo booth rentals, we cater to an array of events including weddings, corporate functions, birthdays, and beyond. Our offerings are diverse, from GIF and black & white glam booths to green-screen and video options, all complemented by professional-grade lighting and photography experts dedicated to elevating your event's ambiance.'s services span the entire Orange County region. No matter if your event is set against the backdrop of the sprawling coastline or nestled in a quaint suburb, we're equipped to deliver unparalleled photo booth experiences right to your location.







This Hot Deal/Local Coupon is promoted by North Orange County Chamber.

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