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Safe, Welcome Reopening Plan for California

I’m sure many readers know someone who postponed a wedding or reunion in 2020 due to the inability to gather or travel under COVID-19 restrictions. Thankfully, last week came the good news that we can, once again, begin making plans.

California is on the right trajectory. If vaccination rates stay up and hospitalization rates stay low, Governor Gavin Newsom promises that, beginning June 15, Californians can once again gather together or travel to California’s world class tourist destinations.

Californians are to be congratulated for helping conquer COVID-19 in the state. By sacrificing time together, paying attention to safety protocols and getting vaccinated as soon as possible, we have positioned our economy for reopening. If trends continue in this direction, life will soon look a lot more normal.

We’ll soon see remote workers return to the office, more diners served restaurant meals indoors and sporting events played in front of loyal fans.

Just a Year Ago

Looking back a year ago, CalChamber’s Labor Law Helpline was flooded with calls from businesses desperate for solutions in the midst of massive shutdowns. Revenues were drying up and workers had to be let go. Those were sad days, full of uncertainty.

California’s tourism, hospitality, entertainment and restaurant sectors were in the beginning of what would become an historic beating. At that time, we had no idea that some businesses would go more than a year with no income. We are grateful for the many small business loans, grants and other forbearance that kept lots of these operations afloat.

As we turn the corner on the worst of the pandemic, however, it is critical that we remember the contributions made by so many—those who followed protocols, essential businesses and their workers, and frontline health care heroes. The sacrifices of all have positioned California for a much-anticipated reopening.  Read More

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