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Waze Carpool is helping essential employees who are returning to the office during this time

As some transportation modes are not as available or preferred as they once were, Waze Carpooling is still an option. The Waze team is helping companies set up free carpool programs for essential employees who are returning to the office during this time. 

Partner with us and set up your free carpool program today!

Waze Carpool is an affordable way for coworkers to commute together. Neighbors drive neighbors; coworkers drive coworkers. It’s a faster, friendlier, more convenient way to get to and from the office. As workplaces begin reopening, commuters are re-evaluating how they get to work. 

Safer rides
Carpooling is being named as an alternative to transportation modes like mass transit or shuttles because it limits contact. Our app puts carpoolers in control, you choose who you want to ride with. 

Supplement transit
With public transportation service reduced in many cities, commuters now have fewer ways to get to work. Carpool connects people who live and work near each other to share a ride.

Save money and time
Coworkers and neighbors can choose to ride together to get to work faster, split the cost of gas, and spend less time looking for parking. Hello, express lanes!


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