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California Department of Public Health Seeks to Accelerate Vaccine Distribution

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has issued recommendations for accelerating the pace at which COVID-19 vaccines are distributed to Californians. Currently, the state’s population is divided into four prioritization groups which outlines when and who receives the vaccine.

The CDPH’s most recent recommendations to local health departments and providers states that COVID-19 vaccines should be immediately administered to individuals in all tiers of Phase 1a.  Group 1a is comprised of approximately 3 million people and includes healthcare workers and long-term care residents. This demographic includes a wide range of people in health care settings such as community health care workers, public health field staff, primary care clinics, specialty clinics, laboratory workers, dental clinics and pharmacy staff.

According to the CDPH, the latest recommendations “clarify the state’s vaccine prioritization process and that after appropriate efforts to reach highest priority groups, health departments and providers may offer doses to lower priority groups when high-priority demand subsides, or when doses are about to expire.” This approach will maximize vaccine administration and reduce the potential for waste.

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