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After 46 years, Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill’s Fullerton location closes their doors on June 27th, 2021

Family-owned and operated Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill chain has announced they will be closing their long-standing Fullerton location's doors at the end of this month.  Rod Fraser Enterprises, the parent company of Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill, has based this decision on what's best for the business and the family.  After 46 years of experience and wisdom, and after this past year, the brand is refocusing their efforts on the eleven other Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill restaurants.
“We have such loyal customers and guests who have been dining with us at Fullerton for nearly 5 decades” says Rick Fraser, son of the original owner, Rod Fraser, and previous owner of the iconic Rod’s Liquor in Old Towne Orange, “We are so fortunate that they will still be able to find us at one of our nearby locations, and continue to dine with us for many more years to come.”
The company is diligently re-assigning their current Fullerton staff to work at various other Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill locations and truly feels that as the economy continues to recover over the next year, the brand will find opportunities for expansion and growth. 
“I remember the opening of this location fondly” Rick adds, “It was Memorial Day weekend in 1976 and the space felt special from day one.  Something in our hearts just knew this would be the perfect setting to serve generations of families and to create memorable dining experiences for the Fullerton community… we feel fortunate to have had so many memories here.” 
For almost 50 years the community has truly been the backbone to the restaurant’s success.  Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill is looking forward to dining with everyone in the coming weeks to say goodbye to this location.  They will be providing “Buy One, Get One” coupons  to guests in the last week of service, as a thank you.
“We grew up in this restaurant,” Rick’s daughter, Suzannah, says.  “Birthdays, school dances, football dinners, baby showers… you name it - we had it here, in Fullerton, alongside our guests.  Employees are our extended family members and the memories in this space are endless.” She goes on to add, “It’s bittersweet but we’re looking forward to what the future of Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill brings!”
Rodrigo’s, a name attributed to Rick’s late father, has employed hundreds of dedicated people over the years - nine of the current employees have tenure over 20 years; the longest at almost 42.  Rodrigo’s feels their employees are the heart of the brand and they look forward to having their longtime Fullerton guests visit their favorite servers and bartenders at another Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill location.  
Join Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill to celebrate the success and longevity of nearly 50 years of business in Fullerton before it closes on June 27th! 

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